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Dieter and Svjeta Now Handfasted
John T Mainer on Monday 12 August 2013 - 23:42:31 | Read/Post Comment: 1

 At the Tournement of Armies, hosted by the Baron of Lionsgate, Kingdom of An Tir, Society For Creative Anacronism (SCA), did Dieter and Svjeta finish the dance they began so long ago, at a similar event.  Our own Teunis officiated, as family and friends came together to witness the binding of this good heathen man to a woman not only his equal, but his match.  Our thanks to the Wolf Pack, in whose ranks we find Dieter when he is at sport, and among whose ranks he numbers many strong and worthy friends. 

Submitted by John T Mainer


Freydis 16 Aug 13 : 13:44
Fantastic!! Congratulations to both of you. All the best of health, prosperity, and humour for your lives together. Respect your spouse, and endeavour to be a person they respect in turn, and you will both do very well together.

All the best to you both!

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